Feature Me!

Hello! If you are interested in sharing your story on the Marharlika Instagram, this is the place for you ~

Inspired by Humans of New York, I want to use Marharlika to highlight the stories of philippine people, and no story is too "small" or "insignificant". I love learning about who people are, if they're in school, what they do for work, and what they do for their communities. I especially love highlighting things that are philippine related, so if you have anything to share like, please do!

I post features in groups of three, so please split your feature in 3 parts and please submit at least 3 images of yourself in a Marharlika product.

Points that I might ask my features:
- where they're from
- what they're studying
- what they do for work
- what they're affiliated with or involved with
- what being philippine means to you
- what is it like being philippine growing up in your area
- anything, etc

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