About Marharlika

Behind the Name

“Marharlika” is a combination of “Mar” which is the name of the company founder and the Tagalog word “maharlika”.

This term has been used historically to refer to members of the Tagalog warrior class, but is now used as a term that means “nobility or aristocracy”.

The Reyna Headband

The Reyna Headband was conceptualized in May of 2019, where Mariel Lyn (Mar) Velicaria sketched out the first version of it on their spiral notebook. After a trip to the crafts store for some gold wire, a gold headband, and pliers, Mar made the first reiteration of what is new the Reyna Headband. Named after the Tagalog words for princess, Mar posted it online to share with her friends their creation. What they didn't expect is the mass response of people who wanted a Reyna Headband of their own. Mar made a small stock of 24 at first, but since they were still trying to finish their last quarter at UC San Diego, they decided to hold off any plans of making the Reyna Headbands a real business. 

However, in April of 2020, the fate of the Reyna Headband quickly changed. Due to a viral pass the brush video that Mar and some of her friends were a part of, the Reyna Headband's popularity blew up even more than before, resulting to Mar finally sitting down and launching Marharlika, an accessories brand for the modern Philippine person. With the launch stock selling out in five minutes, it's obvious to see that Marharlika is a needed brand for philippine people from around the world.